There are several types of fun fidgets in the world today and they play a very crucial role because they assist those kids with ADHD to focus in a better way. They are made of different sizes so that they can be able to meet all the sensory needs. Before you purchase one it is important for you to check them well and know which one is able to fit your needs and this is very key because it allows you to avoid purchasing a fidget that your kid will not like. Fidget toys are liked by kids and in fact almost all kids need fidget toys for them to grow well. When you know which fidget is best for your kid you will be able to  talk with your teacher on the same and come up with necessary solutions on how the kid is going to use them in class.

Wikki Stix

It is evident that kids with ADHD require fidget toys for them to be able to be able to remain calm while they are with their teacher. The wiki stix is a calming fidget that is widely used mainly for the purpose of sustaining the attention of the kids during class hours. Do you know what the kids usually do with these fidgets? When they are with this fidgets they bend them, twist them and even mold them into balls. There are other fidget options that can be used in this case and some of them include plastic nuts, extra-fuzzy pipe cleaners, weighted lap pads, coiled bracelets, plastic nuts and bolts, key chains and many others.


Klicks is an alarming fidget that is mainly used for stimulation as it keeps the baby busy. This is important for those kids who like making noise so that they can be kept busy and silent. Your kid can use the klicks in many ways including pulling them, twisting them, and also snapping them together. These kinds of fidget gadgets help children with ADHD, color, light and little noise. They help them to have a focus in the learning. Other kinds of fidget toys of kind kind are pop toobs and spinning tops. See more.


This is a chewy fidget that was mainly designed for the purpose of helping them to develop chewing and biting skills. On the other hand it can help or assist the kids to concentrate in class when the teacher is teaching and the reason for this is because their mouth is occupied all the time. Other things that can help the kids to be quiet in class are pencil, sleeves of their sweatshirts and even their pencils.

Silly putty

Silly putty is a resistance fidget and in fact it is a classic toy. It is mainly meant for those kids that are able to focus in a better way when they are busy pushing, squeezing and pulling their toys. There are several other options that are there for the resistance fidgets and they include the ponytail holders, corks, stress balls, kneaded erasers, disks, magnetic balls and squishy toys.

Koosh balls

This is a tactile fidget that is mainly meant for the kids with ADHD. The importance of this fidget is that it has different textures and this makes it easy for kids to focus. The koosh balls are gooey, sticky, scratchy, hairy and slimy. More details in site: https://fidgetcircle.com/diy-3d-print-fidget-spinners/