Preparing Your House for a Party to Prevent Carpet Stains

When it comes to hosting parties and gatherings, the most reason why homeowners hesitate is the likelihood of carpet stains occurring during the event. And this is with good reason. When adults enjoy a glass of wine or two they can quickly become complacent, leading to spills and stains.

If this is preventing you from enjoying hosting your friends for gatherings and events, below are some easy to follow tips to help you prepare your carpets for the event.

It All Starts at the Front Door

The easiest way for stains to appear on your carpet is through your guest’s shoes. To avoid this, you have two options.

  1. You can ask your guests to leave their shoes outside in a shoe rack on just inside the entrance way on a small piece of additional carpet or a rug. If you like, you can provide guests with temporary slip-on shoes to wear at your home.
  2. Provide a heavy duty shoe/welcome mat for guests to thoroughly wipe their shoes on. Then, pace another on the side of your door which designed more towards collecting dust, rather than large debris.

Remove Precious Items

There is a time and a place where you should show off your precious and expensive rugs, and a party is not one of them. Instead, be sure to remove any of these items from around your home and replace them with some rented options which are designed for heavy foot traffic. Not only will this prevent your precious rugs from incurring stains but it can also prevent damage from people walking over it often.

Make Smart Food Choices

It is no surprise that one of the most common stains to occur at a  party is caused by a sauce. Whether it’s a slip of the hand when squeezing the bottle or a flip of the wrist that sees a plate overturned and a party pie and sauce plummet to the ground.

To avoid this, look for food which doesn’t require a lot of additional sauces to be enjoyed. Meats from the Groupon Coupons page for Omaha Steaks is a great option because it includes flavors during the preparation and cooking process, leaving no need for additional and messy sauces.

Move Things out of the Way

People are going to be clumsy and fall over obstacles, that’s just how life works. And while there is little that you can do helps person’s clumsiness, there is much that you can do to prepare for it. Take a tour of your home with your head down and look for any potential obstacles which could cause somebody to catch their foot and spill their drink. Items such as foot stools, loose cables, or the feet of a piece of furniture can all easily catch a person off guard and lead to a spill and a stain.

Don’t let the potential for carpet stains prevent you from hosting parties in your home. Instead, use the tips in this article and any other creative ideas you have to prepare your home for the event.